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I get a daily email from Inside Higher Ed This caught my eye yesterday…‘Green is not sustainable’ especially the part about the difference between green and sustainable “…“Green” is subjective. Being “green” is modifying your societally-defined default behaviors in the hope of being somewhat less destructive of the environment and the planet. “Green” means using […]

I blogged about the plastic soup in the ocean a while ago now and David Rothschild is out in the ocean – with five others –  in a boat called the Plastiki, made from 12500 reclaimed plastic bottles. I read this story this morning. Rothschild goes for a swim in the middle of the ocean…more than 2000 km […]

Huge day of finally getting the turf down over the grey water piping…. so happy.  Purple and green are my favorite colours. I wear purple, but not a lot of green. And they were the suffragette’s colours – although I only found out today that the colours represented dignity (purple), white (purity) and green (hope).  Purple is […]

hurry, hurry … Seen this? – Airline asks passengers to pee before flying to save energy. It’s a trial and seems a little far fetched – but doesn’t it all count in the end – lighter passengers, less fuel, less carbon emissions? I had a million titles for this post- but seeing as it’s all […]

A is for argon


… this really cool gas that is in our double glazed windows.  Argon helps greatly with thermal insulation. I have high hopes for this ‘noble gas’ – (an odourless, colourless gas with little chemical reactivity). Equally cool and interesting is that argon is used for preservation- The US Declaration of Independence is stored in an […]

The roof is up! It all happened in a couple of days. On Thursday morning as we were walking past at sunrise we noticed the scaffolding was up for the roof and we had gutters (well we saw all this the afternoon before, but I like the sunrise photo better)… Friday afternoon and the roof is […]

Vampire energy


Sometimes you just need a hook, a new way of looking at the same issue. I think we all know about the wasted energy of all of our electrical products, even when we are not using them, but I rather like the notion of Vampire Energy and the following video.  Kx thanks trib for this one