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More a shameless plug for a competition that my kids and my husband entered in 2007 when they used to watch TG. First time with stop start Lego animation, and a lot of fun!

Got lots of posts in draft and I have been super quiet of late…but why? ‘Cos I’m not super excited about blogging on iPad mini or phone…and I hardly ever get to a laptop at home. But I shall perservere! But also because I find everything so noisy just at present. I am not a […]

3 Gens


Have had a delightful weekend so far. Mum and dad are staying with us & it’s been brill. Last night ten of us had dinner at a local fave restaurant. Today it was a misty ‘Bowral’ day. Lovely winter. Clear boughs. A little gentle rain. Mild. Contemplative. Perfect parent weather. The usual Saturday markets seeking […]

And. And.


I want to say I want to blog. But my parents are down for the weekend. Lovely meal out. No time to…. And. And.

Happy solstice


Mid course in our winter solstice. So far…slow roasted cumin lamb, sweet potato & pumpkin tajine, chickpea mash. Waiting for…steamed treacle and ginger pudding. Listening to Johnny Cash, Clash, Stone Roses. Happy solstice. The days are just get longer now 🙂