about me

I’m a Leo librarian, graduated in 2001 (second, third career) and did a graduate year at Parliamentary Library, APH before moving into academic libraryland for 14 years. I have been working for ALIA, the Australian Library and Information Association since August 2016, as librarian: education, research and policy, and from March 2019 as Director of Learning.

I am married to a fabulous self employed graphic designer/photographer, and we have 2 kids – a 26 year old studying and living overseas, and a 22 year old living locally and studying remotely!

I love to read, cook (not the everyday, the special once a week), read and think about cooking, drink wine, talk, walk, share, watch, listen, learn.

I am trying to lead a more sustainable life. I love being a street away from Mount Ainslie. I love growing herbs & gardening and my chooks and dog. I love going out but I’m equally happy at home. I am not very good at relaxing…and I worry.

Why the strawberries? In the 1980s I ate Homer Hudson Strawberries of Integrity icecream, and loved it, but I think I loved the name more.

Integrity- wholeness, completeness.

This blog will aim at the whole – but it will inevitably be bits of me.


One Response to “about me”

  1. Thanks for sharing. And please, stop worrying!

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