about me

I’m a Leo librarian working in an ‘electronic services’ team of an academic library that supports six campus libraries. My work involves maintaining and developing the library web site and keeping staff up to date and aware of emerging technologies. I also assist with providing access to the library’s electronic resources and other project work, like training (23Things).

I am married to a fabulous graphic designer/photographer, and we have 2 kids – an 22 year old man and an 19 year old woman.

I love to read, cook (not the everyday, the special once a week), read and think about cooking, drink wine, talk, walk, share, watch, listen, learn.

I am trying to lead a more sustainable life. I love being a street away from Mount Ainslie. I love growing herbs & gardening and my chooks and dogs. I love going out but I’m equally happy at home. I am not very good at relaxing…and I worry.

Why the strawberries? In the 1980s I ate Homer Hudson Strawberries of Integrity icecream, and loved it, but I think I loved the name more.

Integrity- wholeness, completeness.

This blog will aim at the whole – but it will inevitably be bits of me.


Contact: email me, tweet me, befriend me or look at my photos – Instagram and Flickr and Carl’s superhuge collection of photos cmdphotos (if that all sounds a bit desperate it’s not meant to be…)


One Response to “about me”

  1. Thanks for sharing. And please, stop worrying!

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