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Ah hindsight…what a wonderful thing. This extremely exciting post all about packing, what I packed and what I wished I had packed!! I packed for 13 weeks away approx 13 kgs of luggage. We both have a main bag and then a mini day pack and a satchel/handbag. Carl often puts his satchel into his […]

We haven’t been in London a week yet, but this part of the trip feels different somehow. Not at all sure why. Perhaps its because it’s the first place we have been to in this trip where I can understand people as English is the first language. I’m not trying for clues or guesswork or miming […]

They used to be called trucking companies, but in the last ten (?) or so years they have become logistics companies – which I guess does describe what they do. Move stuff around. Lots of stuff. In all directions. And keep tabs on it all. Tracking. So far as well as flying we have been […]

We are currently in Prague, staying a in a great spacious apartment just minutes, no seconds from  The Old Town Square. I have the window open and there is a piano accordionist playing below…sounds just amazing. No kidding. I couldn’t have wished or planned it.  Slow old songs. The type of music you associate with […]

Well 16 days in our travels and what to say? Just snippets at this stage as I thought I would blog on my phone –  but by the time i have checked and responded to email and posted some daily pics onto Instagram – I want to be doing other things and not be on […]