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Falls, a fall?


Grrrr. Had a post to go, but not showing on phone or tablet for reasons beyond my tired comprehension. So you get just the pic instead. Which I like. Tianjara Falls, about 20km from Nerriga on the way back to Canberra from the coast. Last time I was there it was a trickle, but on […]

366 huzzah!


I can’t quite believe that I have completed a photo a day for the entire 366 days of 2012. The last couple of weeks I was extremely mindful about taking a photo as I was so very close to finishing the entire year…and for whatever reasons, it is nice to have done the whole year. […]

– the name of the song (and one of my favourite colours). – from the daily email I get from ‘The Shortlist Daily’ – this link Love this for colour culture context Glimpses into other people’s lives are just fascinating.

Been a tough couple of days (in my head anyway). But I think I have turned a small corner, and I feel a little bit better about *things* today (and have achieved just a small chunk). Anyhoo – a pic, a thought (I think I like the onepiconethought challenge a little more!!). And I like […]

157 up*


I started daily image last year – but couldn’t continue when my brother was so ill. How do you take a daily image on the day of your brother’s death, and then funeral? So I stopped. There was a lot more to concentrate on…grieving, healing and just getting on. So there is a small set […]

I am determined to take a daily pic of myself with a brief description. I have realized that a picture cannot possibly/usually sum up a day (although sometimes it can), but as a type of record or journal it’s actually quite good. Carl took at least an image every day in 2011. He is still […]

The power of social networking. Saw this on a friend’s Flickr page and tried it for myself – a Twitter generated infographic. Got some of it right- I do like to tweet about delicious food. Good food. Slow food. Rarely fast food, unless made by myself! I don’t tend to tweet when not happy, although […]