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As I said in a post last week, in another life I was a manager. I managed several teams of up to 12 – 15 people, and managing a team can be tricky…..but it was great. But another life ago now… In my present job I’m part of a team, but I am not in […]

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Day two of the Australian Regional Women Leaders Convention and another day of great motivational speakers. Sandra McCarthy – Mayor of Kiama Council. Mayor for last 10 years ran election platform on tlc – teamwork, leadership and community don’t react, but respond develop a culture of mutual respect and cooperation inclusive, principle centred teamwork persistence, staying […]

I’m in Melbourne attending ‘The Australian Regional Women Leaders Convention’. The uni is one of the sponsors and had some places and I am (apparently) from a regional campus, so I’m here with colleagues from Ballarat and Canberra. I should be getting ready for the conference dinner, but a few thoughts on today: I’ve listened to […]