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scratchy throat, achy…..getting something. so get home tonight and it’s my go-to fave…poached eggs on toast. eggs from our chooks, so probably less than a week old. sourdough toast comfort food now off to bed!

Day 2 in Portland started in a strange fashion. Sleepless in Portland doesn’t sound quite right, but that was me. After the brilliant sleep of the night before,  I was (frankly) dismayed to still be awake at 3 am this morning. Wide awake. No hint of tiredness. So I have spent most of today with low, […]

Happy solstice


Mid course in our winter solstice. So far…slow roasted cumin lamb, sweet potato & pumpkin tajine, chickpea mash. Waiting for…steamed treacle and ginger pudding. Listening to Johnny Cash, Clash, Stone Roses. Happy solstice. The days are just get longer now 🙂

Thyme. No time


Been meaning to make these for a week. But my pears needed to ripen. Tonight. Roast pears with thyme. Sorta pear tart tartin without the pastry, with the lovely addition of fresh thyme. Got to go. Bookgroup beckons. Small pic as WP on phone sucks 😦

(sorry if that’s just a silly title). Inspired by Penny My cookbooks take up 3 shelves in the front room bookshelf (well 3 shelves with a little spillage into other shelves…). When we moved into the house, getting a huge bookshelf built was one of our top priorities. The front room was always going to […]