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Pale spring


No not another post about the solstice. Painted two walls in the front room today. The only two walls in the house with seven windows. The prep took ages. Clearing out six window ledges of *stuff*, de-cobwebbing, then sugar soaping the walls. But what took the longest was cutting in around seven windows, especially the […]

(sorry if that’s just a silly title). Inspired by Penny My cookbooks take up 3 shelves in the front room bookshelf (well 3 shelves with a little spillage into other shelves…). When we moved into the house, getting a huge bookshelf built was one of our top priorities. The front room was always going to […]



Another quick post tonight. Meet my lovely revolving lawyer’s bookshelf. Made by Carl, a present to me when we first started living together. He designed it and then constructed it. Such a clever man.

Middle day


The middle day of a long weekend is perhaps the sweetest. A day in. A day to go. Have had a lovely day. Heavy fog. Body balance. Walk with the dogs around the lake. Cleaned out the chooks. Quick trip to Civic with Isabel for black clothes for a cafe trial next Saturday. Slow cooked […]

Time to sort the side of the bed. 9 books. 7 tubes of hand creams and lotions. And the rest. Not a meme. More of a slack sleepy post. Sweet dreams. xx