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flat #blogjune


Bit flat last weekend was with family had a couple of hours with Izzy in the car and we sang to this…a fave…and it’s true  



Currently experiencing some royal treatment. Izzy is painting my toe nails. She offered. She does at times. Mum. Sit back and I’ll paint your nails. Jack just came in. Got his full license today. The P plates are gone. Izzy pointed out that he can teach her to drive. So feeling blessed. And grateful. And […]



You know those – I’m an adult, treat me like an adult – oh, but when I choose…button. Kids. No. Adults. Buttons. Love em but so wearying at times. Nothing even that they have done especially. Just buttons. Kids. Won’t make any sense to anyone but me. (but the front room looks great) #palespring

End of an era


Carl and I saw the last Harry Potter movie last night. Harry and friends are a similar age to Jack and his friends, so it’s been more than a little weird watching them all grow up – Harry and his friends in a much more public manner! Isabel has read and reread all the books […]

70 x 18…


On Sunday my newly turned 18 year old boy had a birthday party. He/we shared the party with another boy. About 70 of their nearest and dearest friends were invited via a closed Facebook invitation. We had security (two of my nephews who are way over six foot and gym junkies) and we made it […]