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It’s been list after list just lately. But the list I had not anticipated was the emotional list…felt quite teary yesterday saying goodbye for three months to Carl’s mum – and then it happened again today when saying goodbye to my parents. I guess I’ve been so caught up in home, work, farewells (was out […]

It’s New Year’s Eve, and we are off later to a party, curries, bubbles and dancing. So a quick post while I relax. Can’t begin really to recount the year – I need to look through posts and images and reflect on 2013 some more. But in the meantime, ta da…a list…and a book list- […]

Sum of parts


I had a good day today. And I wore my library ninja tshirt which was very fitting (ha pun geddit?) as I went from one thing to another and things were just coming together. There are enough days along the way that make you feel like you are not getting anywhere. I kind of feel […]

Top of my list this loooonnnnnngggg weekend has been to try out a new yoga class. Which I did today. 10.30 in a local hall (at Corroboree Park for the locals). It was a coolish morning but I was energized from a trip to the farmer’s market and a coffee. And I loved it! After […]

Love this – From the Atlantic, ‘What kind of book reader are you – a diagnostics guide’. There is the one list – you have to read it all, and then an update – because of course there are stacks of different readers…..again- read it all…. Well as usual – I confess to being a […]