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Carl and I had bets on the way home how full the rainwater tank would be. You see in almost four years our tank has never been empty…except for the last week or so. Our 10,000 litre tank supplies water to the two toilets, the washing machine and the taps in the garden. It has […]

04/10/2010 Carlo is very clever – making screen for deck Originally uploaded by KatieTT Black blob behind the screen is Edie- kelpie

1pic1thoughtinAug 17 Blurr and sway Originally uploaded by KatieTT Put the phone on a stepping stone and took this. I like the blurr and the sway of this… New gravel path into back yard and a peep of green, green grass and a garden bed. Home today to do some study and of course procrastinating! […]

Almost a month into July and this month of “getting-things-sorted-before-I-study-2-units-and-also-hold-down-a-full-time-job” from 2 August is going quick smart! C and I made a list of long-term things to do around the house yesterday when were driving to Goulburn. No dates against any of it- but useful to see where it’s all going around the house/garden. outside: […]

My Sunday so far…. Flowers this week – some lovely white tulips (and I still have lilies from last week). No housework this long weekend. There are tumbleweeds of dust through the house but I have flowers and fresh food. We’ve been outside mainly, so the inside can wait. I only have coffee at home on the […]

Huge day of finally getting the turf down over the grey water piping…. so happy.  Purple and green are my favorite colours. I wear purple, but not a lot of green. And they were the suffragette’s colours – although I only found out today that the colours represented dignity (purple), white (purity) and green (hope).  Purple is […]

It was raining for a few days earlier in the week. The backyard quickly gets boggy. I got home from work just as it was getting dark and took these photos (and I think from now on I’m going to put up larger photos). I love these photos…the light, the puddles, weeds, rocks and the […]