Blog. Action. Day. Climate. Change!!


hurry, hurry …

Seen this? – Airline asks passengers to pee before flying to save energy. It’s a trial and seems a little far fetched – but doesn’t it all count in the end – lighter passengers, less fuel, less carbon emissions?

I had a million titles for this post- but seeing as it’s all to do with Blog Action Day, and this year the issue is climate change – sometimes the simplest is the best (and easiest!).

What do I want to say about this incredibly important topic- and one pretty close to my heart.

I’m sick of the whole blame game. 

It’s up to both individuals and governments and groups and all types and sorts of people and initiatives. But everyone can do something!

Small things are OK- start small and work up. I like the idea of the 10:10 initiative. It’s about cutting 10% of your carbon emissions in 2010. Achievable stuff. .

10:10 quick ways

  1. fly less – combine trips
  2. save 10% on heating – insulation, turn thermostat down
  3. save 10% on electricity – lightglobes, turn stuff off
  4. drive less – try to combine trips, walk or bike more
  5. eat better – local, in season
  6. buy good stuff – less stuff made = less emissions = less climate change. Repair, second-hand. The old- reduce, reuse, recycle?
  7. dump less – less packaging, compost
  8. don’t waste food
  9. or water – taps, showerheads, rain tanks, grey water, flush less
  10. feel happier

Simple, achievable stuff. Imagine the impact if we all reduced by 10%. It’s a good start.

I’ve been making an effort this year

  • to combine my work trips so less plane trips
  • been driving or going by coach on my frequent trips to Sydney
  • using bicarb and vinegar to clean
  • we don’t have a clothes dryer – haven’t had one for a few years and we get by
  • just trying not to consume as much
  • I want to join the local Mt Ainslie park care group. I’ve been meaning to do this for years, but want to put back
  • get into the garden, plant some  vegies etc – especially now we have water tanks and grey water.

I don’t get the argument about cost – well I do – but I don’t. I don’t if you think nothing of buying a new car every couple of years but don’t want to make small, basic changes to your lifestyle to save the planet. It’s not about money. It’s about the future.

I don’t know when some people are going to start taking this all for real. But then, maybe some people never will. I need to get over that.

I want ETS in plain English. I don’t think it’s plain enough. It worries me that such an important issue is not properly understood. I don’t understand ETS!  I’m going with The Greens on this though – Greens talk sense on climate change bill.

Ultimately we’ll get photo voltaics. Yeah!.

Am I being too simplistic? Small steps. Small stuff adds up. Small stuff is acheivable and can be non scary and can lead to the bigger stuff. The sum of the whole.

Have you had an “oh shit’ moment? – when you realised that you finally *got it* about climate change? Read some of the ‘oh shit’ comments in this Crikey article. I think mine was about 18months ago listening to several radio programs on peak oil.

Bit of a rushed post, left a bit too late. Mmmm, hope not.


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