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from   couple of things…. there is more than this! I don’t have a problem with what Iz wears…she has been dressing herself since she was 2!

My mum has uncontrolled shaking of the hands and face. The diagnosis is …an essential tremor. I find the word essential in this phrase absolutely non-essential as it slowly inhibits her in ways. For my mum has had this tremor for a number of years now…at least 10. The tremor gets worse when she is […]

Christmas this year was always going to be a little strange. No Jack who is still in Nepal. A slight sense of relief that the mad week of Isabel turning 18 is all over (it all went so well …), and the relief that comes with the end of a pretty busy work year. Working […]

Invisible me


Did a round trip to Sydney today. Left at 8am on the bus, arrives in Sydney at 11.30 at Central to go to a meeting/workshop in North Sydney for the afternoon. I made a point of catching the bus – cheaper, better on the environment, and I had plenty of time to read up for […]