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I blogged about the plastic soup in the ocean a while ago now and David Rothschild is out in the ocean – with five others –  in a boat called the Plastiki, made from 12500 reclaimed plastic bottles. I read this story this morning. Rothschild goes for a swim in the middle of the ocean…more than 2000 km […]

hurry, hurry … Seen this? – Airline asks passengers to pee before flying to save energy. It’s a trial and seems a little far fetched – but doesn’t it all count in the end – lighter passengers, less fuel, less carbon emissions? I had a million titles for this post- but seeing as it’s all […]

Stories about a rubbish pile floating around the Pacific have been around for a little while. This story from the Independent from February this year, and this story about the island of rubbish, a ‘plastic soup’ being bigger than the US in size. Pretty scary to think that there is this floating mass of rubbish just out […]