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  *formerly/former/belonging to some past time (heard on the intro to Fargo TV series…and a word that you just don’t hear that often). erstwhile this stencil. I took this photo a few years ago now. The building is long gone in Braddon. But this blue girl stays with me. She is also my wallpaper on […]



With a good friend you just pick up where you left off don’t you? Had a lovely unexpected day with a good friend from Sydney today. I’ve know Rhonda for 30 years or so and she is a bit of a wanderer, no traveler these days and it’s hard for us to be in the […]

Oh! Behind Ainslie shops, a photo by KatieTT on Flickr.

Snap snap


01/10/2010 Snap snap Originally uploaded by KatieTT Another stencil, and this time one on a fence near Dickson College. We saw this on a walk on Friday morning with the dogs. It’s newish- well at least it wasn’t there a week ago. I like the way the eye is the knot of wood. I am […]

19/09/2010 Ainslie shops Originally uploaded by KatieTT Latest stencil at the back of Ainslie shops