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It’s all happening. Carl may be out of work as quickly as mid July, so he is doing lots of preparation before becoming a *sole trader*. Meanwhile we’ve been adding reservations to our trip…# still undecided 🙂 We don’t want to book everything, but we have a dropbox doc with a rough itinerary with flights […]

I realise (yet again) while listening and watching Michael, Peter and Char in this module that it is the human faces, the relationships, the passion, the exposure to people who “know their stuff” and are passionate about it all – this is what engages and motivates me. Not groundbreaking, but my motivation for doing and […]

Ah the ‘p’ word. It is kind of my nemesis in a way. Yes I do plan. I plan a lot of things. My father even a town planner. But I don’t know how well I plan to make things happen at work. I think I need to be more strategic in my planning! My […]