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thanks Kate and Con for this fresh ginger central heating – especially just now as it’s been raining so much soup – Carl made roasted pumpkin and carrot soup last night – lots of spices, chilli and …fresh ginger soft men’s handkerchiefs – we do have tissues but we are a men’s handkerchief family. Kids still […]

It’s New Year’s Eve, and we are off later to a party, curries, bubbles and dancing. So a quick post while I relax. Can’t begin really to recount the year – I need to look through posts and images and reflect on 2013 some more. But in the meantime, ta da…a list…and a book list- […]

Via Steph (but really via Pip from Meet me at Mikes has a 1 word meme on her blog). 1. Where is your mobile phone? right on the table beside me! 2. Your hair? unwashed, messy, needs a cut/colour 3. Your mother? in UK 4. Your father? in UK probably near my mum 5. Your […]

[It occurs to me that using my Tumblr account might be better for these sorts of things….] Another Guardian book list…with a title and content that is always going to draw comment. It’s the world’s most difficult books:… “books that are hard to read for their length, or their syntax and style, or their structural […]