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Stuff makes us sad That striving to have it all, and it still makes you miserable….And that’s why I like recycling, re-using, having a story behind some of the stuff we do. Just a short article. I have read research saying that you get a *high* when you buy things, which then goes pretty quickly. […]

– the name of the song (and one of my favourite colours). – from the daily email I get from ‘The Shortlist Daily’ – this link Love this for colour culture context Glimpses into other people’s lives are just fascinating.

August wellness


A few of us got were talking about another monthly challenge (‘cos we haven’t got enough to pack into our days already….) and we came up with a wellness challenge for August. It’s really about being mindful about ourselves and perhaps posting a tip, a photo, a thought a day during August.  Well I missed the […]



Read an article today about happiness by ex president of the APA – Martin Seligman. His new book ‘Flourish’ talks about finding joy in accomplishments. His five crucial elements to well being are: Positive emotion – experiencing joy and pleasure Engagement – being consciously involved in activities Relationships – having enjoyable transactions Meaning – a […]



*I don’t want to upset anyone with this post. You can chose to read or not read. This post is the text of the eulogy that I said at Jem’s funeral that was held on 11 May, 2011. I spoke after Jeremy’s three children – Sophie, Tim and Amelia, and before Dad and Max. Over […]