On the good ship Plastiki


I blogged about the plastic soup in the ocean a while ago now and David Rothschild is out in the ocean – with five others –  in a boat called the Plastiki, made from 12500 reclaimed plastic bottles. I read this story this morning. Rothschild goes for a swim in the middle of the ocean…more than 2000 km from any land and finds…plastic! The last three lines of the article say…[quoted as his words] – “Plastic is designed to last forever, but we throw it out, usually within 20 minutes. Banning plastic bags and taking styrofoam out of circulation could halve the plastic potentially going into the ocean. That can happen today. We can solve this.

Follow Plastiki on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, web, blog – with cute wavey header, and track the voyage. Due into Sydney soon!

Take the pledge.

Which leads me into the election. I’m going to be voting for someone who will act on climate change & not disappoint me with promises.



4 Responses to “On the good ship Plastiki”

  1. 1 Penny

    rrrrr polystyrene packaging annoys me so much.

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      Me too!
      I’m planning on asking our campus to be polystyrene free…the packaging aspect is so hard.

  2. 3 patrice

    i never use plastic bags, only recyclable ones….and i take the same “non- pba” and non-chemical water infected bottle wherever i go..

    I have known about this guy and the plastiki for a while and that huge waste of plastic and crap floating around in our ocean-its disgusting..

    I don’t eat ocean fish anymore, because its bad enough they have to die for human consumption, but they are being not only poisoned with huge amounts of mercury, which is extremely toxic for human consumption, but miniscule amounts of plastic is in them as well, because every part of the ocean now has tiny particles of plastic floating in it, think of that next time when you are having some grilled atalntic salmon …its absolutely awful..

    Bob Brown is probably the way to go, as the major parties are the “same s**t – different box”, they are all full of it.. as they say in “South Park”..” It’s always between a douche-bag and a turd sandwich”…

    she’s sounds like a cranky Patrice, but it’s just this whole last few months and our Australian government and the environment gets her all wound up!


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