Back on the #twitter


I was an early twitter adopter and then something kinda snapped earlier this year.

I felt that I was in an echo chamber, I couldn’t handle the noise. I wanted out. People were miserable and unkind. Or so if seemed. So I deleted my twitter account over a period of a few days. Not a totally rash decision, it didn’t happen immediately. But I didn’t just stop. I deleted my account that I started back in 2007? @KatieTT is no more




But over the last few months I have realised that I miss it. I miss sharing. I miss seeing my library peers. I want to connect.

So if you get my request to follow – please do @KateBunker10


2 Responses to “Back on the #twitter”

  1. I had wondered where your Twitter account had gone – I actually looked for it a few weeks ago. Welcome back 🙂 I also find Twitter a very different (and difficult) place nowadays, but I remember how much value I used to get out of it and how many friends I made through it. I’ve been trying to change my lens and rediscover those positive aspects. The algorithm and the current world environment make it harder, but the good stuff is still there underneath XO

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