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thanks Kate and Con for this fresh ginger central heating – especially just now as it’s been raining so much soup – Carl made roasted pumpkin and carrot soup last night – lots of spices, chilli and …fresh ginger soft men’s handkerchiefs – we do have tissues but we are a men’s handkerchief family. Kids still […]

or maybe I just blame headcold fuzziness*…it’s a real thing. honest on twitter I have been noticing Snapchat profile pics like this…ABC News and I did see others the other day, but of course I can’t see them now! I have recently joined Snapchat for PD reasons….still playing really…although my darling 20 year daughter is […]

Got a head cold. Uncomfortable cos I can’t sleep….wake up drowning in snot! So stayed in bed for solstice. Carl moved an old wooden step ladder in the bedroom and put my poppies on it so I could see them from bed. Was noice….

BUT… you were waiting for the but aren’t you? my reality right now nowhere to go up in my organisation cannot go 4 days a week as supervising staff i am 55 in a few months, and I honestly think age is working against me… I don’t want to go on a ‘pathway to retirement’ option […]

Kim and Tony are in Queenstown and their photos have brought back the most extraordinary memories of our last visit there. We had 10 days in Queenstown in October 2011. 2011, the year Jem died. By October I was a bit of a zombie…and we took a much needed holiday to NZ, ten days in […]

I posted this photo earlier this evening..Carl is sorting through his view master collection. A nice thing to do on a winter evening…it got me thinking about my collections of things. i collect silver toast racks Skipping Girl bags vinatge Australian tablecloths…the square ones copper candlesticks anodised aluminium….goblets, beakers   There must be more…it will […]

  *formerly/former/belonging to some past time (heard on the intro to Fargo TV series…and a word that you just don’t hear that often). erstwhile this stencil. I took this photo a few years ago now. The building is long gone in Braddon. But this blue girl stays with me. She is also my wallpaper on […]