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I get a daily email from Inside Higher Ed This caught my eye yesterday…‘Green is not sustainable’ especially the part about the difference between green and sustainable “…“Green” is subjective. Being “green” is modifying your societally-defined default behaviors in the hope of being somewhat less destructive of the environment and the planet. “Green” means using […]

I blogged about the plastic soup in the ocean a while ago now and David Rothschild is out in the ocean – with five others –  in a boat called the Plastiki, made from 12500 reclaimed plastic bottles. I read this story this morning. Rothschild goes for a swim in the middle of the ocean…more than 2000 km […]

hurry, hurry … Seen this? – Airline asks passengers to pee before flying to save energy. It’s a trial and seems a little far fetched – but doesn’t it all count in the end – lighter passengers, less fuel, less carbon emissions? I had a million titles for this post- but seeing as it’s all […]

It was raining for a few days earlier in the week. The backyard quickly gets boggy. I got home from work just as it was getting dark and took these photos (and I think from now on I’m going to put up larger photos). I love these photos…the light, the puddles, weeds, rocks and the […]

I loved this book! Nice and easy to read, but boy it made a lot of sense and full of sensible, do-able suggestions for eating better and thinking about food…well like food and not as the sum of its parts. I had so many “yes” moments while I was reading this book. The full title […]