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I realise (yet again) while listening and watching Michael, Peter and Char in this module that it is the human faces, the relationships, the passion, the exposure to people who “know their stuff” and are passionate about it all – this is what engages and motivates me. Not groundbreaking, but my motivation for doing and […]

Another great module. Mobile. And it it so true, video doesn’t have to be perfect, or long. Jan is a living example of bringing the information to the people, where ever they are – and where ever he is (I have paraphrased his opening words!). Moose coolness ūüôā I won’t forget that! From the readings […]

Changing education paradigms. Spend 11 minutes 40 seconds watching this…. It rings all the right bells for me. In a way it’s a summary of my ‘Social and Cultural Contexts of Education’ unit that I have completed this semester. Unknowingly too it is part of the reason why I am doing my DipEd Secondary. I […]

TED spread!


“Great minds come together at TEDxCanberra”¬†– Canberra Times the day before the TED fest yesterday. I don’t think it escaped the attention of anyone at TEDxCanberra that¬†talks on mental illness book-ended a rather fantastic day. Like millions of people I have watched TED talks online. They are great,¬†but actually being in the TED audience is […]

LiberryDwarf has blogged most of this #blogeverymonthinjune by a daily post format –¬†a good thing, a bad thing, a thing I’ve learned, and a link. Seems a good way to sum up my day today. A good thing: today I helped show around a group of 35 university administrators from China. They are here for […]

A busy Saturday so far…but one thing I will do this weekend is register my interest in attending TEDxCanberra on 23 October. Numbers are limited to approx 300.¬†I may not even get there…but if not, I’ll be following it all in some form or another! Follow TEDxCanberra on Twitter or Facebook or RSS. [If you […]

L (M, N, O) P!


[Jeremy Brooks Well he’s done it. My 17 now had his P plates. Today he went from L to P. L – license. The competency based training¬†and assessment system/¬†lessons have been great. J has been driving for about 8-9 months and has had seven lessons in the last 7 weeks. Competences checked and then […]