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Stuff makes us sad That striving to have it all, and it still makes you miserable….And that’s why I like recycling, re-using, having a story behind some of the stuff we do. Just a short article. I have read research saying that you get a *high* when you buy things, which then goes pretty quickly. […]

I get a daily email from Inside Higher Ed This caught my eye yesterday…‘Green is not sustainable’ especially the part about the difference between green and sustainable “…“Green” is subjective. Being “green” is modifying your societally-defined default behaviors in the hope of being somewhat less destructive of the environment and the planet. “Green” means using […]

TED spread!


“Great minds come together at TEDxCanberra” – Canberra Times the day before the TED fest yesterday. I don’t think it escaped the attention of anyone at TEDxCanberra that talks on mental illness book-ended a rather fantastic day. Like millions of people I have watched TED talks online. They are great, but actually being in the TED audience is […]

@jobeaz asked that someone blog on the pros and cons of keeping chooks – so here is my list. We’ve had chooks for the past 3 or 4 years, with a year off last year when our chooks were having a coastal holiday with my parents-in-law while we were building/renting. Pros eggs, fresh, fresh eggs! […]

hurry, hurry … Seen this? – Airline asks passengers to pee before flying to save energy. It’s a trial and seems a little far fetched – but doesn’t it all count in the end – lighter passengers, less fuel, less carbon emissions? I had a million titles for this post- but seeing as it’s all […]