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I follow, well “liked” Canberra Punk and Beyond on Facebook when it was first launched a couple of years ago. As the info blurb says – the group is there to….”CANBERRA INDEPENDENT MUSIC 70’S/80’S-ANYONE WHO WAS THERE-SHARE PHOTOS,MUSIC,STORIES FROM THE PERIOD.1977-1992″ There have been some gigs in the last few years, with some of the […]

August wellness


A few of us got were talking about another monthly challenge (‘cos we haven’t got enough to pack into our days already….) and we came up with a wellness challenge for August. It’s really about being mindful about ourselves and perhaps posting a tip, a photo, a thought a day during August.  Well I missed the […]

Estate of….


I remember reading those words the day after Jeremy died. For the estate of the late….awful, awful words. So final. And the mail just keeps coming with these words on it. I’m doing a bit of a quick trip around all six campus libraries. We launch our new library website next week and I’ve been […]

70 x 18…


On Sunday my newly turned 18 year old boy had a birthday party. He/we shared the party with another boy. About 70 of their nearest and dearest friends were invited via a closed Facebook invitation. We had security (two of my nephews who are way over six foot and gym junkies) and we made it […]



I’ve had today off and I’m four days behind in my posts owing to …well…do you want the excuses? Life mainly (and I hope to blog about some of it). Anyway I had today off and spent the morning doing stuff I had to do, appointments etc and then had a lovely lunch out with […]