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Photo: Carl Queenstown set Taken in the cemetery at Queenstown. Apologies- I thought I had set this up to publish for 13 June. Seems horribly fitting given #orlando …

Kim and Tony are in Queenstown and their photos have brought back the most extraordinary memories of our last visit there. We had 10 days in Queenstown in October 2011. 2011, the year Jem died. By October I was a bit of a zombie…and we took a much needed holiday to NZ, ten days in […]

The change of seasons is one of the wonderful things about living in Canberra. Four quite distinct seasons. I’m not a huge fan of summer, but even in the heat there are good things – summer fruit, swimming, living more outdoors, camping, eating outside…. But autumn blows me away each year. And yes, inevitably I […]

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I started daily image last year – but couldn’t continue when my brother was so ill. How do you take a daily image on the day of your brother’s death, and then funeral? So I stopped. There was a lot more to concentrate on…grieving, healing and just getting on. So there is a small set […]



* Found this post in draft on iPad – saved locally, so I completely forgot about it. Published on ANZAC Day, about Christmas Day. The celebration season has also finished. December these days just seems to be one lunch, dinner, drink, party, BBQ after another. I am not complaining at all. But it is exhausting […]