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this last line from my last post… Oh, and possible things happening on my job front…well an application that has to go in this week. #fingerscrossed and yesterday I resigned from ACU after almost 13 years, and 8 years in my present job (well it’s morphed with me, my interests and our library plans, and […]

no – not rocks… or reading… or even nice red things… But news just this afternoon that Carl’s voluntary redundancy has been accepted…is it a moot point that his whole area was abolished and he really had no choice?? A huge change, but one we are both viewing in a positive light. Onwards, upwards – […]

Plans. Plans. Been a busy-ish start to the year so far. For the first time ever (I think!) I worked all through January, without taking off the traditional week or so to go group camping. This was for a couple of reasons…I was acting in another job for six weeks over the Christmas/New Year/January time […]

Sum of parts


I had a good day today. And I wore my library ninja tshirt which was very fitting (ha pun geddit?) as I went from one thing to another and things were just coming together. There are enough days along the way that make you feel like you are not getting anywhere. I kind of feel […]



Admit to feeling a little disheartened this evening. and then I stupidly look at my horoscope (which I have not even done for years because it just doesn’t mean anything to me) and see… Intensity 69% – do not know what that means! Keywords – prickly, quarrelsome Mood – foolish Hard work is favored now. […]