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Up messing around with the chooks. The chook run is at the very back of the garden, and our neighbours behind have been here longer than us. Suddenly I am back twenty odd years away…chatting with Mrs X. Mrs. X is our neighbour at the back. Jack is a toddler, Isabel is a babe in […]

I remembered today… when I was a little girl that I said to myself …when I win Miss World and they ask me how I feel, I shall say…I’m flabbergasted i just thought it was the right thing to say! important to nail that acceptance speech

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Crazy cloud over Aoraki / Mt Cook We hired a car and went up to Aoraki for the day. Didn’t climb…just wondered and wandered near and around… I love the vegetation around mountains..moss, rocks, tufts. Photo: Carl Queenstown set

See previous post…more on the gorgeousness of Queenstown Old beech forest just out of Queenstown. Did you watch Top of the Lake – that is filmed mainly around QT so it gives you another cinematic taste of the place… Photo: Carl Queenstown set

  *formerly/former/belonging to some past time (heard on the intro to Fargo TV series…and a word that you just don’t hear that often). erstwhile this stencil. I took this photo a few years ago now. The building is long gone in Braddon. But this blue girl stays with me. She is also my wallpaper on […]