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Sheeesh #blogjune and I haven’t blogged since last June #blogjune ! In my defence I do now keep a handwritten journal. During 2015 I wrote almost every day, but this year…less so. Was listening to Life Matters as I was in the car this morning running a few errands before work. Was an interesting discussion about […]

Once upon a (long time ago) time there was a year 12 girl who wasn’t sure what she wanted to do when she left school. Careers advice was either – become a nurse or a teacher? She loved English, did heaps of English at college (and reading was a *snack* – as people used to […]

What to say when there is so much to say? I am going to try and spend 15 minutes a day just writing here. Not a New Year’s resolution as such, because I would just like to make it a habit and it become a part of my life….probably more an online journal. Still very […]

A billion for a billion  



*I don’t want to upset anyone with this post. You can chose to read or not read. This post is the text of the eulogy that I said at Jem’s funeral that was held on 11 May, 2011. I spoke after Jeremy’s three children – Sophie, Tim and Amelia, and before Dad and Max. Over […]