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Middle day


The middle day of a long weekend is perhaps the sweetest. A day in. A day to go. Have had a lovely day. Heavy fog. Body balance. Walk with the dogs around the lake. Cleaned out the chooks. Quick trip to Civic with Isabel for black clothes for a cafe trial next Saturday. Slow cooked […]

Falls, a fall?


Grrrr. Had a post to go, but not showing on phone or tablet for reasons beyond my tired comprehension. So you get just the pic instead. Which I like. Tianjara Falls, about 20km from Nerriga on the way back to Canberra from the coast. Last time I was there it was a trickle, but on […]



A quick post for the first of my #blogjune. Last night Carl and I drove down/up to Huskisson to cat-sit for the weekend. We left after dark after a super busy week and saw four (Carl saw five) live wombats along the way. I have to emphasize live as it’s often that you see wombats […]