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In between days


Another awful sleep, just so wakeful, but I figure I can go on not much sleep for a bit and be OK. I think I could best sleep from about 4 am to 11 am Portland time, but that just won’t work with a conference starting tomorrow! Perhaps I’ll be in sync the day I […]

Day 2 in Portland started in a strange fashion. Sleepless in Portland doesn’t sound quite right, but that was me. After the brilliant sleep of the night before,  I was (frankly) dismayed to still be awake at 3 am this morning. Wide awake. No hint of tiredness. So I have spent most of today with low, […]

Ah the ‘p’ word. It is kind of my nemesis in a way. Yes I do plan. I plan a lot of things. My father even a town planner. But I don’t know how well I plan to make things happen at work. I think I need to be more strategic in my planning! My […]