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– the name of the song (and one of my favourite colours). – from the daily email I get from ‘The Shortlist Daily’ – this link Love this for colour culture context Glimpses into other people’s lives are just fascinating.

My clever man


While I probably should be refreshed and raring to go after a pretty laid back long weekend, I am just a little tired. Still recovering from being unwell last weekend I think. But a nice mix of a weekend spent mostly at home apart from walks and brunch with friends and markets (food then home […]

04/10/2010 Carlo is very clever – making screen for deck Originally uploaded by KatieTT Black blob behind the screen is Edie- kelpie

1pic1thoughtinAug 29 orange Originally uploaded by KatieTT This was our frivolous IKEA purchase last time we went up to Sydney. I love the orange glow and reflection on the piano. Two toast racks cream/red and cream/green – early plastic. M&L Plastics Melbourne. I think there must be cream/blue and cream/yellow toast racks in existence somewhere. […]

Almost a month into July and this month of “getting-things-sorted-before-I-study-2-units-and-also-hold-down-a-full-time-job” from 2 August is going quick smart! C and I made a list of long-term things to do around the house yesterday when were driving to Goulburn. No dates against any of it- but useful to see where it’s all going around the house/garden. outside: […]