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From What your Facebook posts say about your personality – well probably not a whole lot as I don’t tend to post very often at all. Facebook is not the stream of consciousness for me that I know it is for some. I tend to choose quite carefully what I post on FB. Interesting too the […]



I blogged about my use of goodheart a couple of years back. But in case Steph, Tony or Vassiliki or possibly anyone else is wondering….what is in my name? Catherine – named after my mum’s grandmother (and someone my mum says she dearly loved). Growing up in the 60s and being at school in the […]

This was doing the rounds at work last week. Something silly for a long day when I have nothing more meaningful to say!! Interestingly I have done this twice now, and picked the same colour both times – and got the same answer. What is the algorithm behind it you ask? I suspect not much […]

Via Steph (but really via Pip from Meet me at Mikes has a 1 word meme on her blog). 1. Where is your mobile phone? right on the table beside me! 2. Your hair? unwashed, messy, needs a cut/colour 3. Your mother? in UK 4. Your father? in UK probably near my mum 5. Your […]



This list via The Guardian, from The British Film Institute – The Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time ….and how many of these films have I seen?? Marked in red, mainly the American, English, Italian ones here. I am interested in this list as there do look like quite a few movies here that […]