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I just love my Sunday Body Balance class. It’s on at 9am which is early, but truth be told I am an early bird, and Carl brings me in tea at 8am and I can still comfortably get to the class! Only the latest of Saturday nights or being away for the weekend can keep […]



I did a yoga retreat a while back. Lots of things made sense. Resonated. Catherine – my teacher – said at one stage – ‘be deliberate’. So when you are going from a lunge back to two feet together – being your foot through and place it deliberately, not hard or noisily. But deliberately. Carefully. […]

Top of my list this loooonnnnnngggg weekend has been to try out a new yoga class. Which I did today. 10.30 in a local hall (at Corroboree Park for the locals). It was a coolish morning but I was energized from a trip to the farmer’s market and a coffee. And I loved it! After […]