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Crazy cloud over Aoraki / Mt Cook We hired a car and went up to Aoraki for the day. Didn’t climb…just wondered and wandered near and around… I love the vegetation around mountains..moss, rocks, tufts. Photo: Carl Queenstown set

See previous post…more on the gorgeousness of Queenstown Old beech forest just out of Queenstown. Did you watch Top of the Lake – that is filmed mainly around QT so it gives you another cinematic taste of the place… Photo: Carl Queenstown set

Kim and Tony are in Queenstown and their photos have brought back the most extraordinary memories of our last visit there. We had 10 days in Queenstown in October 2011. 2011, the year Jem died. By October I was a bit of a zombie…and we took a much needed holiday to NZ, ten days in […]

It’s been list after list just lately. But the list I had not anticipated was the emotional list…felt quite teary yesterday saying goodbye for three months to Carl’s mum – and then it happened again today when saying goodbye to my parents. I guess I’ve been so caught up in home, work, farewells (was out […]

Always liked this pic. Dunno why. I reckon I last wore that tshirt in 2002, although I still have it. Been spending some nice time in the evenings planning accommodation in Hong Kong (went with the Y in Salisbury Tony!). Have a gorgeous place in Bloomsbury/London for 10 days and another lovely place in Bath […]