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Nothing wrong with the state of contentment – just googled a definition and it came back – a state of happiness and satisfaction….which isn’t quite it- but I am certainly happy and content. Actually, I googled content and I like that better than contentment – content being- in a state of peaceful happiness. I do […]

Buzz buzz


Not so much of the buzzing bees, but my head is buzzing with the prospect of spring. We have had some lovely days lately, and it is lighter both in the morning and in the evening. I have spent a few great weekends in the garden. Mainly tidying up, turning over garden beds, adding compost, […]

Another weekend draws to a close. There is a roast in the oven, and a gin and tonic next to me as I type. The chooks are locked in for the night. Jack is out, Izzy is in the bath after working all day, and Carl is on the PlayStation relaxing after spending some productive […]



Carl and I had bets on the way home how full the rainwater tank would be. You see in almost four years our tank has never been empty…except for the last week or so. Our 10,000 litre tank supplies water to the two toilets, the washing machine and the taps in the garden. It has […]

World keeps spinning Back at work this week. Some big projects and I know it’s going to be a busy 9 weeks until new website is up. We have the wireframes, so it’s full on now. Combined with starting another 23 things program, some training on all six campuses – the nine weeks should fly […]