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Nothing wrong with the state of contentment – just googled a definition and it came back – a state of happiness and satisfaction….which isn’t quite it- but I am certainly happy and content. Actually, I googled content and I like that better than contentment – content being- in a state of peaceful happiness. I do […]



10.15 on a Wednesday night. Zero outside so it will be cold tonight. Recently got new sheets – these are flannelette and Egyptian (yes and all while Egypt implodes) cotton, and the combination makes them silkier, less flannelette-y and just plain luxurious. Night. Night. Sleep tight. Chooks are locked up for the night. Completely forgot […]

Pale spring


No not another post about the solstice. Painted two walls in the front room today. The only two walls in the house with seven windows. The prep took ages. Clearing out six window ledges of *stuff*, de-cobwebbing, then sugar soaping the walls. But what took the longest was cutting in around seven windows, especially the […]



Another quick post tonight. Meet my lovely revolving lawyer’s bookshelf. Made by Carl, a present to me when we first started living together. He designed it and then constructed it. Such a clever man.

I feel so relaxed I can barely blog. Lazy-ish day. Spent the morning moving furniture n stuff around in the main living area. Really happy with results. Whole feel of room is different. And there is that inevitable decluttering and cleaning that comes with shifting sofas and tables around. Walked in the afternoon with Carl […]