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Sum of parts


I had a good day today. And I wore my library ninja tshirt which was very fitting (ha pun geddit?) as I went from one thing to another and things were just coming together. There are enough days along the way that make you feel like you are not getting anywhere. I kind of feel […]

This was doing the rounds at work last week. Something silly for a long day when I have nothing more meaningful to say!! Interestingly I have done this twice now, and picked the same colour both times – and got the same answer. What is the algorithm behind it you ask? I suspect not much […]

From a Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette Dress like a librarian game Fun, silly. Reminded me of the drawings I used to do as a child. Usually a glamorous woman with some sort of ball dress & hair swept back. And I loved those cut out dolls where you used to add clothes with the paper […]

Once upon a (long time ago) time there was a year 12 girl who wasn’t sure what she wanted to do when she left school. Careers advice was either – become a nurse or a teacher? She loved English, did heaps of English at college (and reading was a *snack* – as people used to […]

OK – just a bit of fun, but I did enjoy the twitter meme a few weeks back, and was reminded again about it yesterday when I saw the tweet from Mylee: Mylee Joseph (@myleejoseph) 31/05/12 2:27 PM RT @Sybasigns: ok, after much discussion. here is our top 10! #replaceawordwithlibrarian da da…. What I […]

Quick lunchtime post-eo My manager and I have been rewriting my job (flamboyantly called a PIQ- position information questionnaire). It’s actually a good time to refocus and clearly enunciate what I do, why I do it and how do we measure it all. We also list major challenges, problems, quality assurance processes – a whole […]

529 km


This is the distance between me and my supervisor. L works in Ballarat and I work in Canberra. We work very closely together. My work team is made up of people from all six campuses of the uni – so that’s Brisbane, Strathfield, North Sydney, Canberra, Ballarat and Melbourne. We stay in touch through a range of ways – […]