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The roof is up! It all happened in a couple of days. On Thursday morning as we were walking past at sunrise we noticed the scaffolding was up for the roof and we had gutters (well we saw all this the afternoon before, but I like the sunrise photo better)… Friday afternoon and the roof is […]

Vampire energy


Sometimes you just need a hook, a new way of looking at the same issue. I think we all know about the wasted energy of all of our electrical products, even when we are not using them, but I rather like the notion of Vampire Energy and the following video.  Kx thanks trib for this one

Stories about a rubbish pile floating around the Pacific have been around for a little while. This story from the Independent from February this year, and this story about the island of rubbish, a ‘plastic soup’ being bigger than the US in size. Pretty scary to think that there is this floating mass of rubbish just out […]

I went to a “leadership essentials” workshop a couple of weeks ago, and like a lot of those things, once you start thinking about something, you see applications everywhere! Let me explain. One of the things we talked about with leadership and delegation and getting things done is the fact that the journey is important, often more […]