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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for a few years now but I suspect it will really gain real traction in 2017… I saved this just last month from the Guardian – The complete guide to virtual reality. AR mentioned in 2017 Trends, AR in Facebook as a trend for 2017. But the […]

Great idea and something that I know higher education are doing to a great or not so great degree. These types of apps do need to be interactive…not just a bunch of links and maps/floorplans (although maps v useful!) but really helpful stuff and social media feeds. The orientation and transition…that first 6 weeks of […]

Dartfish is a video analysis app and the main use is for sportspeople to video and analyse their performance. The example was showing tennis strokes and the ability of the app to analyse the videos and provide screenshots that can be annotated and shared etc. Videos can also be downloaded and viewed offline. This looks quite […]

I did think that this was a post about web 3.0, you know moving on from web 2, but no-one talks like that anymore do they?? This is an app- mobile 3.0 that according to Google Play “Mobile 3.0 provides learners with the digital tools, techniques, and assignments for producing and distributing media for the […]

Way way behind with #12appsDIT but determined to get through at my own pace! Nearpod looks good as well….an app that is student orientated. Pluses: encourages student voice, creativity, interactive, you have to think, deeper learning, engagement, students as producers of knowledge not just consumers, easy to use, across multiple devices, peer learning, generates digital […]