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The key word for me in this topic ‘engaging hyperlinked library communities‘ is engaging, and that’s the part that I need to work on in my job. In Kyle’s lecture he asked us to link out to great models of community engagement, and I want to share a few local, Australian examples that I consider […]

The power of social networking. Saw this on a friend’s Flickr page and tried it for myself – a Twitter generated infographic. Got some of it right- I do like to tweet about delicious food. Good food. Slow food. Rarely fast food, unless made by myself! I don’t tend to tweet when not happy, although […]



Decided I cannot get hung up about writing well thought out long or even short posts every day. [I think in hindsight I enjoyed OnePicOneThought  that we did last August??] Just cannot. Lots on. OK. Maybe sometimes. I would like to. Got to work late this morning to find a lovely parcel from @greengecko29 – […]

Quick lunchtime post-eo My manager and I have been rewriting my job (flamboyantly called a PIQ- position information questionnaire). It’s actually a good time to refocus and clearly enunciate what I do, why I do it and how do we measure it all. We also list major challenges, problems, quality assurance processes – a whole […]

Simple stuff


I am all for simple. But I am great at complicating or overcomplicating my life…overanalysing conversations, situations. Reflection is one thing, but sometimes I seem to take it to a ridiculous extreme. I read a couple of things today that resonated with me. The first one came from a retweet from @polyxena – from a website called […]

Goodness – I’m alone. C has gone back to work, J is at football practise, and I is performing at her high school musical and I can reflect on a pretty wow, 24 hours for me and…. well for the rest of you! Kathryn has asked in her post for #blogeverydayinjune  – where were you when…? and that […]

“Tweet Cloud is a service that lets you generate a cool looking cloud of the words your tweets mostly contain”. The tweet cloud above is from tweets from the last 3 months. Am I a glass half full person? Probably- to most people. Do I tweet when happy? Probably. When cranky I’m probably not very […]