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Up messing around with the chooks. The chook run is at the very back of the garden, and our neighbours behind have been here longer than us. Suddenly I am back twenty odd years away…chatting with Mrs X. Mrs. X is our neighbour at the back. Jack is a toddler, Isabel is a babe in […]

pushing through


Was a bid sad to miss the very last day of #blogjune, but the results of a years planning a small conference came about from 29 June to 2 July, and there were three 14 hour days and then a six hour day on election day and I just couldn’t get to blogging. And truthfully […]

flat #blogjune


Bit flat last weekend was with family had a couple of hours with Izzy in the car and we sang to this…a fave…and it’s true  



a few things… the PIN number to my debit card. I was at Woolies the other day and just had a mental blank. Got the card out and it was like I never ever had a PIN number. I don’t have it recorded anywhere. I know there is a 7 in it, but apart from […]



Big week coming up. Isabel is 18 tomorrow. 18. Tomorrow. [She has already confirmed that she still wants to come into bed with us in the morning…a birthday tradition, when we open cards and presents and take daggy photos….after all Jack still does it at 20!] Then on Tuesday she has her Year 12 formal. […]