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Once upon a (long time ago) time there was a year 12 girl who wasn’t sure what she wanted to do when she left school. Careers advice was either – become a nurse or a teacher? She loved English, did heaps of English at college (and reading was a *snack* – as people used to […]

We are incredibly lucky to live so very close to Mt Ainslie (part of Canberra Nature Park). I say lucky because we didn’t really notice how close we were to the bush when we bought our house 18 years ago. I put it down to being 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time. We walk […]

Wall of sound How cool is that phrase? How cool is the music? My music this week. Ronettes, Crystals, Righteous Brothers…. Has covered me, enthused me, kept me going in a super busy, productive week. What about you??

A couple of lovely people, Kate and Con said yesterday that my posts are always full of heart. I replied to say that I do pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Anyway, speaking of heart. My gmail address is kate.goodheart and do you wanna know why? […]

1pic1thoughtinAug 27 Back to the futura Originally uploaded by KatieTT Home. Spent all day writing an essay. Parcel. My futura t-shirt arrived! Thinking quite a lot about the futura at the momenta. Kx

1pic1thoughtinAug 20 chat session Originally uploaded by KatieTT In the interests of being a nice person I have several of the not-so-nice chat sessions- including 4-5pm Fridays.(I can do from home) I have had one quick chat today, that’s it. Friday. Students.

1pic1thoughtinAug 18 My bag- meme Originally uploaded by KatieTT An exercise in adding notes, which you can’t see on the blog. Go to the pic in Flickr if you are really keen.. My phone is not there- taking photo and I have another glasses case- for reading glasses. Nothing to read in here, I carried […]