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I happened to see a reply on social media today … something like “…don’t forget that I live with a librarian…”- it was part of a discussion about books & book choices/ideas. But this person doesn’t…they live with someone who has done some library study at TAFE and works in a library…..but they are not […]

A new word for me – petrichor – “the distinctive scent which accompanies the first rain after a long warm dry spell” from Wikipedia or “A pleasant, distinctive smell frequently accompanying the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather in certain regions” -OED So lovely and apt that it was two Australians […]

Word play


Apparently you restructure and come up with a completely different structure – with no positions at your level. And then you can say, quite legitimately – that your job is surplus to requirements – because we have completely wiped your job. You don’t exist. Despite having a constant demand & incredibly satisfied clients. Word play. Getting […]

From the New Yorker (via The Shortlist Daily) – this story ” Last Friday, we débuted “Questioningly,” a Twitter-based game show. In the first installment, we asked readers to propose a single English word that should be eliminated from the language”. And the winner….. Read more Not a word that bothers me altho very […]



From Con, a handwriting meme. Trouble is, I haven’t been to my blog for quite a while and what with the rain, I started reading old posts and feeling quite sad. And I realise that I hardly ever handwrite nice words these days – apart from shopping lists and notes to the children (these are […]