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thanks Kate and Con for this fresh ginger central heating – especially just now as it’s been raining so much soup – Carl made roasted pumpkin and carrot soup last night – lots of spices, chilli and …fresh ginger soft men’s handkerchiefs – we do have tissues but we are a men’s handkerchief family. Kids still […]

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Confess to struggling a bit with #blogjune …what to write, more importantly what NOT to write! But I do digress….read this this morning, The case for informed browsing and it reminded me of my one and only visit (so far) to Muse in Canberra last year. Lovely place and really I look at the website now and […]

Taking a leaf out of Rachel’s post and using her list as a start…#iconfessineverread Huckleberry Finn War and Peace Lord of the Rings Ulysses Although I have read most of the English classics, there are lots of European, Russian, US and Asian *classics* I would like to read. And that’s just the classics to start with. […]

Been an interesting day. Gotta say dismayed by the Peter Greste (and the two other journalists) decision. Miserable weather and I got soaked even on my short ride home this evening. Some big projects at work. And possibly a decision or proposal about something…. Carl is away interstate for the evening and Jack seems far […]

Argh, help me out here Currently reading Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas for bookgroup – but cannot get this out of my head So this song came out in 1977, so I was 16, and that’s probably why I remember it! Heart, formed in 1973, and still going! Not saying I like the song, just can’t […]