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I was an early twitter adopter and then something kinda snapped earlier this year. I felt that I was in an echo chamber, I couldn’t handle the noise. I wanted out. People were miserable and unkind. Or so if seemed. So I deleted my twitter account over a period of a few days. Not a […]

My current list…some listened to more than others. I don’t stress about not keeping up… Italics is the relevant ad for the podcast which gives you an idea about what they are about. Interesting stuff 99% Invisible Architecture Infrastructure Cities Objects Sounds Visuals Technology History Roman Mars – all sorts of interesting Reply all “’A […]

Argh agnotology


Yesterday I went to an ACT Associations Forum lunch, and Anna-Maria Arabia, CEO at the Australian Academy of Science gave a lunch talk on The Challenges Associations Face in a Post-fact, Post-trust World. The Australian Academy of Science has 530 fellows/members elected by peers. My notes: New word for me: Agnotology  is the study of culturally […]

Someone, not someone, a dear friend…sent me an email today. A photo of a rainbow and the wish that i had rainbows in my line of sight… Perfect. Dont want to feel anxious about a bunch of projects at work, so concentrating on other things right now… Started reading ‘all the light we cannot see’ […]

Jack is in Bonn and we are all going on with life…as he is. it’s hard to put in words. A feeling of loss. i described today that it was like losing a limb, but it’s not. Carl says he feels useless. I don’t feel that but I do feel grief. i also can’t imagine […]