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Someone, not someone, a dear friend…sent me an email today. A photo of a rainbow and the wish that i had rainbows in my line of sight… Perfect. Dont want to feel anxious about a bunch of projects at work, so concentrating on other things right now… Started reading ‘all the light we cannot see’ […]

Jack is in Bonn and we are all going on with life…as he is. it’s hard to put in words. A feeling of loss. i described today that it was like losing a limb, but it’s not. Carl says he feels useless. I don’t feel that but I do feel grief. i also can’t imagine […]

I miss that David Bowie is no longer around this is what you get today you just have to imagine Isabel (daughter) and me singing to this (loudly) in the car Love is careless in its choosing Sweeping over cross a baby Love descends on those defenceless Idiot love will spark the fusion Inspirations have […]

Interesting reading just some of the #blogjune posts. I have enjoyed¬†the familiar – Con, Kathryn, Kate, Peta, Snail, Tony, Sally…also discovering new people and posts along the way. I would like to have been more receptive, more just there to¬†newness…but it has been a bit of a struggle these days. It’s easy to retweet or […]

Having said that – do I even have a ‘usual’ Sunday? I do try and start my Sundays with a yoga class at 9. Love this. A gentle, powerful way to start the day. I am a warrior. But I have been sick this week, and still not in a state of mind to get […]

lovely day out seeing mum and dad home to a stupid, petty email so hang on to the special my friends

share the dignity has been around for about a year now..I first saw them on facebook I think. I can’t imagine being homeless, much less being homeless and needing a tampon or a toothbrush or something just so everyday and important to my well being. Can you imagine choosing between spending money on food or […]