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I miss that David Bowie is no longer around this is what you get today you just have to imagine Isabel (daughter) and me singing to this (loudly) in the car Love is careless in its choosing Sweeping over cross a baby Love descends on those defenceless Idiot love will spark the fusion Inspirations have […]

What music did you grow up with? This – ‘the songs our parents gave us‘ – got me thinking. For me it was classical music…either records or the radio. In fact my parents then got a lot of their favourite records on cassette, and then bought everything all over again on CDs. They still use […]

flat #blogjune


Bit flat last weekend was with family had a couple of hours with Izzy in the car and we sang to this…a fave…and it’s true  

“The Great Beyond” I’ve watched the stars fall silent from your eyes All the sights that I have seen I can’t believe that I believed I wished That you could see There’s a new planet in the solar system There is nothing up my sleeve I’m pushing an elephant up the stairs I’m tossing up […]