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this last line from my last post… Oh, and possible things happening on my job front…well an application that has to go in this week. #fingerscrossed and yesterday I resigned from ACU after almost 13 years, and 8 years in my present job (well it’s morphed with me, my interests and our library plans, and […]

Bit too much really going on to blog every day, even though I was making great progress – I am the first to admit that the quality was not there… There are big things looming, and although I am reasonably OK with it all..there is just so much to do. Easy to hide – I […]



10.15 on a Wednesday night. Zero outside so it will be cold tonight. Recently got new sheets – these are flannelette and Egyptian (yes and all while Egypt implodes) cotton, and the combination makes them silkier, less flannelette-y and just plain luxurious. Night. Night. Sleep tight. Chooks are locked up for the night. Completely forgot […]

I love the latest issue of Meanjin. Lots about Canberra. I intend buying the hard copy to keep (and hold) and move and eventually dust around I guess. [Lots of conversation recently about reading – in paper and online, but that’s for another post]. I liked this article – This connected life# – because it kind of describes […]



There are a few of these on Mt Ainslie – cairns. A rough pile of stones, raised for a mark or a memorial of some kind. This one is just off a track we go up – on an old fence post. I do like the stones on top of the post. I am not […]