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1pic1thoughtinAug 20 chat session Originally uploaded by KatieTT In the interests of being a nice person I have several of the not-so-nice chat sessions- including 4-5pm Fridays.(I can do from home) I have had one quick chat today, that’s it. Friday. Students.

1pic1thoughtinAug 18 My bag- meme Originally uploaded by KatieTT An exercise in adding notes, which you can’t see on the blog. Go to the pic in Flickr if you are really keen.. My phone is not there- taking photo and I have another glasses case- for reading glasses. Nothing to read in here, I carried […]

It’s just after 10am and I’m due in at work at 11 (ish) Feeling grey as it is grey and I have a lot of my mind. Dropped into the Co-op bookshop at the ANU on the way in. “Nice legs” a guy yells from his bike as I stride through the campus. I was […]

I am doing another monthly quest- this time 1pic1thoughtinAugust – and perfect ‘cos it starts on my birthday. One pic, one thought (mmm, I wonder how long my thoughts can be?) Kx

…or why I love the internet.  I got a new pair of Birkenstocks. I love ’em, as I love my old pair that are still going.  Gizeh Roses Cream Although I love my Birkys I do have a bit of an uncomfortable relationship with them. There are some plain ugly Birkys out there, and of course the […]