How I became a librarian…*


Once upon a (long time ago) time there was a year 12 girl who wasn’t sure what she wanted to do when she left school. Careers advice was either – become a nurse or a teacher?

She loved English, did heaps of English at college (and reading was a *snack* – as people used to say back in the 70s!)

So she went to uni and did a year of a Secondary English teaching degree

then she moved to Sydney

she worked as a waitress, and for a mail order company, bits n pieces, and sometimes in fact she didn’t work…

she traveled

she got a regular job in the public service (finally I think her parents were pleased at this stage after several years drifting but having a lot of fun!) and became

  • an employment officer
  • a employment counsellor
  • a trainer
  • a manager

she also went back to uni a few more times – more English, some anthropology (‘cos she liked people and cultures and this seemed like a good thing) and more travelling

then she met a good man

and then she had kids, a boy and a girl

and then she took a redundancy package

and then she was looking through uni handbooks and decided that instead of going back to work it might be nice to spend time at home with the kidlets and study part-time

but what to study??

well….she looked though the handbooks, and there were subjects that caught her eye…

  • information retrieval
  • information analysis
  • research

and so she looked at the combination of the subjects, and proclaimed…in a rather puzzled voice

“If I do all this…I’ll become a librarian????!!!”

and she did

true story


Graduation July 2002

*the short version

7 Responses to “How I became a librarian…*”

  1. Great story, but all I can think of is you have dark hair!!!!

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      ha ha was dark red or henna or dark brown until the gray won through

  2. Great story Kate – I never knew you were an ‘older new graduate’ too!

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